Wow, I can’t say thank you enough for what your organization….

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Wow, I can’t say thank you enough for what your organization as well as Lauren Stanton’s involvement, has done for our employee, X and his family! The absolute awe and thrill of being invited to dinner at a wonderful setting with live music, being brought to a private setting with their own tree with tons of absolutely BEYOND any expectation either parent has ever seen, having their picture taken as a family, then the surprise of a lifetime, to go out to see the bikes that were given them was absolutely beyond any and all fathom of what they could ever believe! He said that wasn’t all! That you filled his gas tank, gave them a basket of food and household goods that are so needed that there are gift cards for Meijer, Craig’s Cruisers, movies, haircuts, even brought them home to help unload everything, all sorts of fabulous things that he is absolutely awestruck yet this morning! He said that the kids were up until 1am playing and laughing and having the time of their lives because of you gave them this beautiful gift from your hearts! He said his wife and he were awake most of the night talking and remembering and not wanting that time to end as the memory will burn in their hearts forever! He asked me “How do I thank them”? I told them that GOD willing his life can find change with 2012 and his wife may find work and if next year they are doing well, then they can pass this gift on to someone else in need and help your association next year.


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