We are NOT the standard non-profit. We take everything you’ve known about non-profits, and flip it upside down. We believe in feeling good about giving, and giving sometimes precisely for that reason alone. We focus on the person doing the giving, as opposed to just the recipient. We’re selfish, and we’re okay with that. Because we believe this allows us to be selfless and make real difference in our community, and a real difference in the lives of those we affect. Selfishly Inspired has become our engrained catalyst. We believe in FUN-raisers. We believe in having a really good time, all the time. We actually believe in the word “NON-profit” and truly giving away as much as we can. We believe in more than “donating”, we believe in participating. We are not a charity, rather an organization of movement, made up of equal parts of grace, purpose and speed – ferociously giving & uniquely gifted to empower individuals and communities by leveraging the power of less to do MORE.

We are More-Self-Less


We seek people to get involved with us who actually want to be involved. We seek people who want to see exactly where their support is going. Deep hearted impact – touch it, see it, feel it, love it. We seek people who give because it feels good to give. We seek people who need something positive in their lives. We seek people who feel out of place in other non-profit organizations. We seek young people looking to get connected with the community – game changers. We seek people who want to challenge the status quo, and challenge themselves. We welcome other big-hearted rebels with open arms!

We seek people who are selfishly inspired to be More-Self-Less


You’re not sold yet? Well, get involved with us because there’s nothing like us. Get involved with us because you won’t regret it. Get involved with us because we work hard, and we play hard (often at the same time). Get involved with us because you can and you know you wanna – be a game changer and allow your heart to get rocked. Get involved with us because you are able to make a real difference and you may just be the only light that shines into someone’s heart this season.

Get involved to become More-Self-Less