Family Sponsorship – 2




Thank you so very much for considering our family. Reading about this organization is very hope inspiring. We are in recovery mode physically and mentally. Thanking God every step of the way for His healing and the provisions He has made possible for our girls. Just a little about our oldest daughter Mailynn; she is literally  the most energetic high volume 9-year-old. That has never changed and even in the thick of things Mailynn has remained effervescent. Mailynn was  diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue tumor in her neck wrapped around her carotid artery. In operable she underwent 40 weeks of Chemotherapy at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital and 8 weeks of Proton Radiation at Beaumont Hospital of Royal Oak Michigan. Mailynn was healed, no sign of her tumor and is currently in Endocrine therapy for her thyroid, a small effect of the treatment.

Just when we thought we would start to experience a “normal” year COVID-19  caused us to continue with every precaution Mailynn observed during treatment. No in-school learning this year and  she is trying to be successful with virtual learning in the  absence of the friends she missed being around. She continues to thrive, she gained her pre diagnosis weight back and has hair that she truly appreciates.

Her little sisters look up to the superhero she is.

Again thank you for even thinking of  blessing us this holiday season. Families with a child  that has battled cancer  really are delivered from their weariness when love swoops in and brightens the day. This is a humbling and really touching consideration  to our family.


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