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Congratulations {lastname} family,

You have been nominated to participate in the, “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration, hosted by the organization More-Self-Less. For the past 9 years, we have engaged our community in an event we named, “I Dream Beautiful.” With this event, we are able to provide an incredible Christmas celebration to children in the Grand Rapids area. Each year we enthusiastically helped out 200 children and their guardians from our community; what an incredible night!

Once again for 2019, our goal is to provide the most love filled and community engaged Christmas celebration these children have ever experienced! We have collaborated with 6 schools within Grand Rapids to further diversify our families and better represent our community, including yours. Through our Christmas celebration, we have made a direct, positive impact on many lives in greater Grand Rapids and beyond. In order to participate, it is required that your family attends the Christmas event on Sunday December 22, at 4:00pm at Northpointe High School 3101 Leonard St. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525.

Please decide quickly if you would like to participate and if so, you will need to go onto our website and click on “I Dream Beautiful” tab, then “Family Registration” and follow the instructions. You will need to have the code that is on the bottom of this page to register. To qualify, you will need to complete the registration by Oct 27. This is a very casual evening designed to strengthen our community and help one another to have a blessed and enjoyable holiday season. There will be family dinner, professional photos, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, carolers, several gifts, unconditional love and more!

Join us to ignite the power of the holiday season and Christmas spirit demonstrating the love that God has given us all through His grace allowing it to be shed upon others.
Brady Schmitz | Founder

CODE: {code}

**Registration does not guarantee a spot as this is dependent on capacity and timing. You will be contacted within the next two weeks if your family has been accepted. If you feel that your family isn’t in a position of need, please pass this opportunity, allowing us to bless others**

To learn more about MSL, inc. please visit and make sure to “Like” us on Facebook.


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