This was the written in December, 2010 when the idea of MSL was downloaded to me in a dream. I woke up and came up with the name, the logo, and wrote the website. Later that week, I wrote this in my journal. I thought I would share and give you a glimpse into my mind at the time. It was neat for me to find this and see where we have come in such a short time!

“I want to come out of the gates with ferocity, but want to ensure I am creating a strong brand, branding, and awareness. I want to put question marks in people minds everywhere as to why they aren’t a part of this and leave them wanting more. MSL has something that people want, something they need – some know it and some don’t. However the contagious spirit will fill that void. There is a high degree of value that this will provide and my intention is to control the market to maintain that level of value. Bearing that in mind, I will cross market, by sprinkling the market in areas of best growth opportunity (fertile soil) as well as allowing MSL to become a “celebrity” in our established spheres. I want a laser focus – connecting the dots from start to finish – providing people instant gratification. Keep in mind “Selfish” in the tagline.

I want to basically take many things that a typical nonprofit does and do the opposite, challenging all the norms associated. I want to do it different, approach it from a different angle, and make it fun. I will focus on bottling the feeling of fulfillment that the people who give get, as opposed to the recipients. Selfishly, I want people to get involved for self-healing/development. None have openly attempted to shift this focus (fear of betraying societal norms). I mean who in their right mind would start a non-profit and make the focus SELF??? This gives heed to the perception of question marks stated above. Behind the scenes, I know that as people engage and become involved, this “self” attitude will inevitably turn to selfless. It has been proven time and time again, and when that happens, God has used us to create a miracle and we served to help mend a broken or hardened heart – and there is no greater gift than that.

My target market is the “in” crowd, “cool” or “popular” mainstream crowd, the type of people who I spent most of my life sinning with – the ones that need MSL the most. Most other non-profits sole target market is within the church, people who likely are already giving their time, services, or finances – most of these people are already involved with something. They seldom share commonalities with the set of people above so they are challenged to connect personally or relate. Well we can, I can, my team can. I want to show people that we can change, and that being driven by God and being a Christian can be cool, wait IS COOL. This leaves a HUGE target market untouched today. Yes there are some other sites and groups that may try to conceptually do a portion of what I will, but they don’t have what we do. I want to flip this thing upside down and I will. My challenge is putting together a strong team to fill gaps that exist with my skill set – this is where you may fit.

Yes, as hard as it is for people to realize, this really is for the greater good, my goal and belief of my path that is laid out for me is to provide an avenue of healing for people. So many people our age are struggling and lost, and this softens hearts. I was in a very bad place 0ct 2010 and starting this, finding God, and helping others healed me and showed me what life is about and I wasn’t in control (even though I am a control freak)! This will be started with and operated with my money I am not driven by money, yes of course I want to make money and don’t do anything with the vision of failure, but it does not motivate me, my success will be in hearts changed. I believe that I will be rewarded if I am spreading this vision God has given me and doing all the things above. It is noted several times in scripture – thus the “Test God’s word” on the site.

I commit my heart, energy, passion and emotion to the above. Today these are thoughts, tomorrow they become actions, and in no time at all, these will be a reality. These are assurances from God,”  2010 – Brady Schmitz