Unlike other organizations, we WANT you to STEAL our ideas! That just means we are reaching more people and that we have good ideas!

We focus on the person who is doing the deeds, rather than just the recipient. Our intent is to provide HEALING through an avenue of sharing & experiencing the blessing of fulfillment that is received through selfless acts as well as offering much needed encouragement to others. Together we can accomplish this through the systematic coordination of events, dynamic leadership, and the removal of common obstacles that present themselves with acts of kindness/volunteerism as it stands today.

Through collaborative efforts, we will initiate a paradigm shift as it relates to the stereotypical act of giving back. We will challenge existing processes and influence change that will result in a highly energetic and self-fulfilling model of community.

Goal – Create a synergistic platform to kindle idealism and strengthen the resolve of our MSL community.

Blessings will be applied through the alignment of the gifts we have each been afforded with those in need through synergistic compassion, generosity and creativity. Our target market is different than that of most organizations in the non-profit world. We want to engage a younger crowd of people who are in the mainstream and through this create a movement that makes volunteering not only fun and entertaining, but cool, as well. We realize that these will be the leaders and innovators for years to come.

Remember the Sword of the Spirit if Forged in your Heart!