2017, “I Dream Beautiful”

We have created opportunities both as an individual and as a company for you to support the “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration, so there is no reason to not Join the Ride.

As an Individual you can:

  • Become a Gift Category Leader and help spread the word and work to close out a gift grouping
  • Volunteer to help with items leading up to or at the event
  • Sponsor a child, which involves attending the celebration
  • Contribute to one or more of the Gift Categories
  • Sponsoring a table
  • Take ownership of Gift Category

Depending upon age, each child will receive all of the gifts in the categories you see below. We have converted the total cost of all of the gifts into units that make up $5 each. This allows everyone to be able to help make this Christmas special for as little as $5. It also allows people to support different categories based on which gift they feel more strongly about. So you will enter the amount of units you want to support in each gift and then the site will calculate the total and take you to the checkout page. **All of the contributions are tax deductible.