I want to sincerely thank EVERYONE that contributed in any capacity, making the More-Self-Less 2013, “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration a reality. There are hundreds
who join together, making this dream come true and after 11 months of effort, seeing the culmination of these efforts is simply amazing. It takes so many thoughts, so many
hands, so many prayers, and so many hearts to make something like this happen; that alone is a miracle. The grace that God shows us through this process is enough to drop
one to their knees, but the security in knowing that He has this in His hand is enough to hold us up. The countless personal touches of which characterize our true hearts, are what make me proud to be a part of the MSL team.

So today I sing praises and say Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you Grand Rapids. Through your graciousness, you were able to make this holiday season even more special than the true meaning behind it, for 52 families that share life in our community. Jesus smiles upon us all, as we show one another a glimpse of His unfailing love celebrating the day of His precious birth. Tonight, once again restores my heart seeing and knowing that complete strangers can express genuine love for one another, with pure hearts and motives, spending Christmas together.

Tonight I lay my head down knowing that our collective efforts have undoubtedly impacted human life and rippled the “water” around us, thus positively altering the future. Believing this, I will sleep soundly and hope and pray that each of you will as well as I mirror our Father’s words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I personally thank each of you for making many lives, including mine, more fulfilling and allowing me to continue to Dream Beautifully. – Dec. 22, 2013

Brady Schmitz

1 Timothy 6: 17-18


2013 “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas Celebration slideshow
Date – 12.22.2013
Number of Children – 186
Number of Families – 64
Location – David D. Hunting YMCA