2020, “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas Celebration

December 23rd, 2020 12:00pm - 12:00pm

Due to the covid restrictions we are currently placed under, we have made some changes to the annual “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration. Instead of getting everyone together in one place as usual, we will be selecting several families from our community this year that have been directly impacted by cancer.  God has really seemed to orient our focus in this area over the last few months so we want to honor that and follow His lead.

Each family will be highlighted with a little bit about their story and how you can help. What will be different this year, is that you will be able to sponsor an entire family. If you do that, YOU are responsible to take care of that family and those needs. The intent is of course that you don’t do it on your own, but rather rally a few of your friends, co-workers or family members to join you. You will be the point person so all of the family information will be sent to you at which time you can assign each child to someone to shop for as well as collect some funds to go toward general needs or parents, etc. Whatever you feel led to in your heart.

As in the past, you will see several items under the sponsorship categories that others will donate directly to and the children will get these items as well from us, the organization. Once each family is sponsored, we will coordinate a meet time and place for a gift presentation to the family. We would ask that 1-2 people form your group join so you can be a part of this blessing!!

This year may look a bit different, but it will still be the, “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration!!


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