I want more companies, their employees and their clients involved with supporting the communities that we live in and really starting to embrace the concept of community and self-reliance all year round, not just during the holidays. I have found that almost everyone wants to do good, but most will not proactively seek it out. So I want to make it super easy and work collaboratively with local businesses where they can position themselves from a marketing standpoint as partnering with MSL, a local organization that shares love with the community and anytime a customer comes in for a visit, or purchases something, or has an appointment, buys a service, etc. (depending on business) that a set dollar amount or %,(dependent on avg sale or frequency) is contributed towards one of the specific gift categories that we provide for each child at the event like bikes, blankets, Bibles, sleeping bags, food box, dinner, haircuts, movie passes, etc.

The company can demonstrate and convey that they are supporting the community of which they themselves operate or serve and the clients that are coming to them or considering to, can feel a sense of commitment and purpose and know specifically where that $ is going and feel good about contributing towards the people in this city.  I’m not talking about a lot of money, more so if the customer gives $.50 or $5 or whatever the amount and then the company would match it (again depending on avg sale – haircut vs. Car vs. house). Another option would be for the company to raise the price by “x” amount and then market themselves as that amount goes toward (the chosen gift). So basically for every client “x” amount would be going towards taking care of an item for the Christmas event. Or maybe every Friday of the year a % of their sales go towards a gift, etc. The company gets a shared financial responsibility, engages clients, sows into the community year round and gets a tax write off.  Basically in this case, the clients would have contributed lets say $500 total for the year, but the company gets a $1000 write off.

My goal is to develop a program that, instead of extending our community further outward, will create an action that which we embrace it more and draw it in closer to a true sense of community. Similar to the old days (little house on the prairie) when we were all contributing and taking care of one another. If you think about it, if everybody could get themselves to live more selflessly then there would be no need for selfishness and far less people struggling because we would be putting others first and looking out for one another. We have created window stickers and an image for websites that says, we are more-self-less that can be placed at the bottom of a website, further incorporating the community mentality of oneness linking back to the MSL site.

This is a way that people can begin to re-branding themselves as making an impact on the community e.g., ABC Company, (a more-self-less organization) or (a more-self-less business).  I like this because, it throws people a bit, their minds catch it, but they don’t understand it at first.  This prompts them to ask, it registers in their minds, it says the same thing on their websites, with a small line, including our logo, in the footer of the site.  We want the mentality of, “I wanna be more-self-less too” to catch on in the city. The more people we get involved the more people can help out and play a small part, collectively creating a wave of power to impact.

I’m working hard to collaborate with like-minded people in an effort to find ways to embrace that mentality and get people emotionally invested in knowing that they are helping others all through the year versus just around the holiday season. I think the creativity and collaboration is the key to connecting business, employees, clients, and those in need all impacting community. Let’s make it EASY, we can make this a better place to live and do it effortlessly.



Help financially to provide each child/family with:

  • A gas card that will fill a tank and a heart
  • An apple pie to will sweeten a great night
  • A personal blanket to will wrap them in love
  • A backpack to send them off with love
  • Household necessities so love is always at home
  • A sled that helps fond memories come racing back
  • A sleeping bag so comfort never leaves them
  • A family portrait as a picture of God’s grace
  • Haircuts that match the beauty of the event
  • A personalized Bible equips them with God’s Word
  • Art supplies allowing them to express their joy
  • A new bike to help life keep moving forward
  • Stockings stuffed with toys and love
  • Movie passes to capture their hearts and mind
  • New shoes so they can walk in the love given from others
  • Oil changes get them going through life
  • Bike helmets to protect their beautiful minds
  • Christmas decorations that season the room with cheer
  • A Christmas tree they will never forget
  • A hat, gloves and scarf that warms their body and heart
  • Poinsettias because love is the perfect centerpiece
  • Christmas dinner that will fill them with love
  • Sky Zone passes so they can soar to new heights

Become a more-self-less Company!