We are launching something new and exciting – “Beautiful Birthdays”

This will be similar to the concept that we currently do for our “I Dream Beautiful” Christmas celebration and it will somewhat mirror the old Ed McMahon Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes winner presentation. Several of us from MSL, the company sponsor, and friends/family will pile into the back of a Two Men and a Truck vehicle and pull up to the recipient’s home. Calling ahead to make sure that the child answers the door, we will run up to the door with balloons and a cake ready to surprise them and singing happy birthday when they answer the door. We will record and edit it, which will post to our FB and website after each surprise so people in the community can share in the excitement with us.


Target age range – 7-14. Military families with parent deployed who has missed all their family’s birthdays for the year. To be celebrated on the deployed person’s birthday as an extension of them to their families, turning a sad day into a celebration.


We will work with local businesses allowing them to sponsor the birthday ($500) as well as allow their employees to engage in the community by coming together to get gifts for the children. Utilizing a process similar to a Potluck dinner or Wedding registry, all of the child’s info will be provided to the company including their wish list, interests, sizes, wants, and needs (obtained from the parent). We as a company will provide a Bible, backpack, sleeping bag, blanket,balloons and a cake to accompany the gifts from the employees.


This will be completed at the child’s home. We are bringing the party to them.