This is the time, this is the moment when everything changes.

This is where I, I draw the line I can no longer take it.

I don't wanna be selfish anymore.

CHALLENGE yourself

I have had to cry 3 or more times when I get home. Words can't explain how I feel. I've heard that many times from people and I never knew how they really feel until tonight. My children are so excited and they are going crazy with the toys as I am writing this letter. We are so blessed and lucky to have had this opportunity. This year I was not able to give them the Christmas they wanted but you guys did. From the toys to food, to the bikes, to the gas in my's unbelievable and I was speechless when I got home because I can't believe this happened for my family. It took me two hours to put away everything. Bless you guys

My mom told me about the party and it brought me to tears. Thank you so much! I really wish i could of been there. You have changed my outlook on everything. I didn't know people like you and your friends existed.

Wow, I can't say thank you enough for what your organization as well as Lauren Stanton's involvement, has done for our employee, X and his family! The absolute awe and thrill of being invited to dinner at a wonderful setting with live music, being brought to a private setting with their own tree with tons of absolutely BEYOND any expectation either parent has ever seen, having their picture taken as a family, then the surprise of a lifetime, to go out to see the bikes that were given them was absolutely beyond any and all fathom of what they could ever believe! He said that wasn't all! That you filled his gas tank, gave them a basket of food and household goods that are so needed that there are gift cards for Meijer, Craig's Cruisers, movies, haircuts, even brought them home to help unload everything, all sorts of fabulous things that he is absolutely awestruck yet this morning! He said that the kids were up until 1am playing and laughing and having the time of their lives because of you gave them this beautiful gift from your hearts! He said his wife and he were awake most of the night talking and remembering and not wanting that time to end as the memory will burn in their hearts forever! He asked me "How do I thank them"? I told them that GOD willing his life can find change with 2012 and his wife may find work and if next year they are doing well, then they can pass this gift on to someone else in need and help your association next year.

I was completely taken aback by the sight of all the kids and families on the stairs singing Christmas Carols. It truly moved me and brought a tear to my eye!! This event has inspired me to do more for the community in which I live. Thank you and the whole team for allowing me to be a part of this organization! I look forward to the next event.–Chad Derry

I would say when another group of people asked me if their family could have the christmas tree, and she was saying how excited they were to have a christmas tree for the holidays! This really put what we have been working on in perspective for me because everyone was worried about getting enough gifts for the families, and making sure each kid had a gift, and the thing they were really excited about wasn't all the gifts under the tree but it was the tree its self! As I turn around to leave to get back with my family these three adorable little mexican girls were walking around giving everyone hugs because they wanted to.........AWESOME!–Tony Connell

Brady and gang are truly an inspiration, and a glimmer of hope that America is not as bad off as the world portrays us. Having traveled the world with the military, America is not always welcome in the many countries that we support and defend. It can be very disheartening to sacrifice so much in helping our allies and receive very little thanks or appreciation. America has focused on our global partners at a cost of those in need in America. More-Self-Less is helping to fill the void and take care of those in need at home.

As a proud parent of a member of the "More-Self-Less" Organization, it is evident that the next generation is going to be resilient and help their own in keeping America great. Really amazing to see a young group of friends come together and help those in need. I know I speak for all of your proud parents...

The favorite part of my night was watching how quickly the kids openly engaged and welcomed their More-Self-Less sponsors. By the end of the evening, most of the kids forgot their parents were there and hung all over the More-Self-Less gang as part of their new family. You can feel good that you all are positively impacting and mentoring the next generation. Continue to Dream Beautiful.–JC

My favorite part of the MSL event was just seeing how touched the parents were when they received all gifts. I saw one mother walking into the dinner and her eyes welled up with tears. I thought that was so touching that something as small as a dinner could mean so much to someone. It truly is so meaningful to be able to see how little things that we all take for granted everyday could mean so much. Being a part of the MSL event is something I will forever cherish. Big thanks goes out to Brady and so many others who have impacted so many lives.–Nicole

I was blessed last year to be part of such a life changing experiece when I brought my grandchildren out to receive the wonderful time with MSL. This evening I was going through pictures and the ones from MoreSelfLess popped up. I am still filled with joy and gratitude so strong I can't put it into words from the experience. I Love what you all do and as soon as I am blessed financially and/or better health, you can count me in on the giving end. Thanks again for everything you do.